Feiertag | Design Consulting is an independent design studio operating in a global marketplace. Founded in 2005 by Tina Feiertag, the concept and goal is to be an important platform for the creation of quality design in alignment with brand strategy that matters and makes a difference.
October 2016

Make your product stand out
Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that advertising and sales promotion is what drives the customer's decision-making process. The fundamental truth is that the final purchasing decision is made at the shelf edge in store. So, what do you think about the new packaging design for M'Candy chewing gum by Feiertag Design? We hope it stands out rather than blend in?

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May 2016

Roll-out with Roll-up
Since the successful launch of the new brand design for the Professional Women's Network Vienna (PWN) a number of applications have been produced. This Roll-up banner is the ideal way to communicate the brand message to the audience in a professional and creative way.


March 2016

Let's make it
Catalog design in printed and digital form is very important role play in branding as well as grooming in corporate image building. For the Lagerhaus sub-brand TEKIT, a product catalogue has been designed to complete the company’s marketing toolkit helping to promote the new high quality product line of hand tools available online and in stores.

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Jo Nussbaumer

January 2016

An infographic (information graphic) is a representation of information in a graphic format designed to make complex data easily understandable at a glance. We use infographics to quickly communicate the new OSCE Competency Model on a poster and other internal collateral material.

October 2015

Outlook Sunny and Bright
May I introduce the team: Vienna's smartest thinkers come to Hochhaus coworking studio to collaborate. Designers, architects, strategists, makers, and innovators, — together we not only share a beautiful office space, but also establish a high quality design cluster and benefit from exchange of ideas and know how.

August 2015

Learn about TalentTech
Feiertag had the pleasure to help establish a master brand and clear visual identity for TalentTech that would stand up to the company's new business model. Founded by Matanat Rahimova, this start-up is all about talent development and learning technology to supports their clients in leading and achieving a positive transformation of themselves, their teams and their organization.


July 2015

Happy Anniversary
This year Feiertag Design Consulting is celebrating 10 year anniversary. It has been an amazing journey so far and when I reflect on the last 10 years I can think of so many talented people that I have met and great projects that we have pulled off together. A big thank you goes out to all my network partners and clients who have been part of this journey. Here's to many more years of success!

November 2014

Design matters
A new handbook for relevant authorities across the OSCE region on how to prevent human trafficking for the purpose of domestic servitude in diplomatic households was launched by the OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Ambassador Madina Jarbussynova, on 4 November 2014 at Hofburg in Vienna. Design that matters by Tina Feiertag.

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August 2014

Moving Billboards
Truck signage can be very effective marketing, serving as a mobile billboard to be exposed on a large scale to a vast audience. This has been implemented for M. Stocker, a logistic company specialized in shipping and delivering fresh grocery products. The new advertising sujets promote the new environmental friendly trucks that operate on on a low-emmision technology.

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July 2014

Making Brand Design fly
It has been a pleasure to help Honorata Fialka developing a new Brand Design for her start-up consulting firm. Concordiste delivers strategic elements to make international projects fly. They provide business intelligence, develop and conduct surveys on energy-related topics, draft programmes and strategies, and help implement them. The new logo, a paper airplane is representing the process driven approach: starting with a white page up to the take-off.

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February 2014

Moving up!
Feiertag has just moved into the 8th floor of Hochhaus Herrengasse sharing a co-working space with other creative start-ups. Vienna's first high-rise, built in 1932, was even during construction the cause of fierce discussion on architecture and urban planning. Because of its American flair and modern design this landmark was considered a luxury location for many years, in particular by the actors of the nearby Burg Theater. Please swing by for a visit and check out the sensational view over the city.

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January 2014

Design meets Art
What has design to do with art? Well, Feiertag has been chosen to design the art catalog for the photo exhibition "Brüder Schwadron call to mind". The aim of this exhibition project is to bring back into the public focus the traces of this ceramic tiles manufactury, which are in danger of vanishing forever – an artistic intervention against forgetting. Apart from photos of 20 Viennese apartment buildings, also photos of public buildings will be on display.

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September 2013

Happy Bees
Just in time for the autumn town fair in Klosterneuburg a new packaging concept has been launched for Apis-Z, an organic beekeeper from Lower Austria. The design surprises with simplicity and modernity. It needed to include a special glass to differentiate the range from other honeys in the market that use a more conventional label and to allow the colour of the honey to become a product selling feature. Bold colours must also be used to attract the attention of the consumer.

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June 2013

What are your friends reading?
Will it stand out in its surroundings to provide quick and memorable identification? Is the symbol’s concept easy to identify? Will the potential mark be adaptable to numerous applications? These and more questions have been asked to create the perfect brand design for the new social media site where people can exchange their passionate thoughts on books, movies and video games. We like!

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May 2013

Happy Birthday WCN
In the course of celebrating the 20 years anniversary, a special logo has been designed to promote the network and to cover various events in 2013.

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March 2013

Quality guaranteed
Feiertag is proud to announce that the design studio has been accepted into the expert cluster "Initiative Corporate Design" and therefore is now authorized to use the certification mark init_cd. The initiative is based on agreements between all members and the mark represents defined quality standards as well as dedication to corporate design.

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February 2013

Events as a Marketing Tool
Event management is considered one of the strategic marketing and communication tools by companies of all sizes. Feiertag has been hired to design an appealing invitation card and keyvisual for the annual licensing workshop Wiener Integral 2013.

cooperation with: www.softwareone.at

January 2013

Insuring a new brand
As the german insurance market grew increasingly competitive, the former BBV brand needed some insurance of its own. In cooperation with Feuer Wien, Feiertag helped developing a new identity for "die Bayerische" by creating a strong distinctive logo.

cooperation with: www.feuerwien.at

December 2012

*Holiday greetings and
a happy new year 2013

Thank you all for your support and cooperation.

November 2012

The power of painting
In an age of image, one has become comfortable with photography, but sometimes we can accomplish what is also available to illustration or painting – conceptual imagery. For the new KSV1870 image brochure, the idea was to tell the company's success story by using a series of metaphoric illustrations.

cooperation with: www.wortwuchs.at

October 2012

Values for growth
For the first time in history, Semperit has prepared a catalogue of company values. It now forms the guideline for everyday actions by all Semperit employees.

cooperation with: www.metrum.at

September 2012

The network that works
Networking has become crucial in today professional arena. Tina Feiertag is not only a member of the WCN Steering Committee but also responsible for its newsletter design. Good editorial design for a non profit organisation should make an impact. The communication needs to stand out, reflect what they do and attract the right people.

cooperation with: www.wcnvienna.org

June 2012

Always a season ahead
Tataaah: the new retail catalog for Triumph Austria and Switzerland has been launched. These 170-pages-look books help Triumph retail partners to get an overview of the upcoming fall collection. A big "thank you" to creative director Inge Vorraber, who managed the team efficiently on a tight schedule and with focus to every detail.

cooperation with: www.ingol.at

May 2012

Employer branding
It is clearly beneficial to an organisation for employees to understand their role in delivering the brand values. For Semperit AG we used a special edition of the company's magazine "partners - inside" to contribute to the effectiveness of internal marketing activities.

cooperation with: www.metrum.at

April 2012

More color.
More structure.

I'm excited to share with you the launch of a new set of brochures, that I have been working on throughout the last year for KSV1870, Austrian's largest association for the protection of creditors. Thanks to writer Andrea Haas the content has been re-structured to better communicate the services of each business unit.

cooperation with: www.wortwuchs.at

February 2012

This winter, "partners" has been designed for Semperit beeing considered a new
standard for a premium customer magazine that reaches an exclusive
readership of Semperit's management and investors; but, above all, it specifically addresses company’s business partners and clients.

cooperation with: www.metrum.at www.pottverlag.com

January 2012

Let's talk
It has been a pleasure to work with Brainds on this project helping to establish a master brand and clear visual identity for Vienna North Hospital which is still under construction and will open in 2015. The logo represents an organisation with top medical services on a high international level and focus on social competency.

cooperation with: www.brainds.com www.wienkav.at